Sat 1/28: planned maintenance at Sutro Tower, SF

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Sutro Tower needs all stations transmitting from there to switch to their auxillary antennas on Saturday (1/28) morning by 8am so they can do some tower work. This includes KQED’s DT9 signal. They hope to be done by noon.

Most OTA viewers should see little or no change in their reception during this time, but some more distant viewers may experience problems. If that happens, most tuners should automatically find the signals again once stations are back on their main antennas, but a few viewers may need to do a rescan.

Comcast Cable viewers of KQED TV9 will not be affected by this work.

Tues 1/24: KQET DT25 digitization problem resolved

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As of 1:45pm Tuesday 1/24, we believe the KQET digitization issues affecting Channel 25’s signal delivery to viewers in the 831 area via most paid service providers have been solved. Other carriers are confirming a good signal. (Over The Air viewers and Comcast Cable customers were not affected by the problem.)

Mon 1/23: KQET DT25 digitization problem has returned

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The storm and high winds took our KQET transmitter on Fremont Peak Off the Air a couple times Saturday, and our digitization problem has returned.

What is perplexing is that Over The Air (OTA) viewers are reporting a solid signal, and are not having the pixelation and audio problems that other viewers in the 831 area are experiencing. We are working with the manufacturers of our equipment to troubleshoot our system, trying to find the source of the signal corruption, and where in the signal path it is entering.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and will update this post when we have any further news.

Comcast Cable customers are also not affected by this issue.

Wed 1/18: KQET digitization problems

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Update: we completed all repairs to our transmitter on Wed 1/18. Our signal is now back to full power, and solid.
Over the Air Viewers and Service providers using the KQET DT25 signals from our transmitter on Fremont Peak northeast of San Jose have been seeing intermittent pixilation of the image and other digitized issues with the sound (a “Max Headroom” effect). We are awaiting parts from one of the manufacturers of part of the equipment, and hope to have the problem resolved soon. We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience while we put repairs in place.

Wed 1/11: DT54 power levels update

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Our DT54 transmitter on Monument Peak has been alternating between regular and auxillary antenna service (and thus lower power at times) since last Friday as another station on the tower works on their antenna, and as PG&E replaces damaged power lines leading up to the transmitter.

The hope is that both tasks will be completed by their respective companies by later this evening, and tranmission on DT54 will be back to normal operations by Thursday morning at the latest, perhaps even by some point Wednesday night.

Mon 1/09 4:45pm: KQED Plus DT54 transmitter off-air

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5:25pm Update: Luckily, an engineer from another company was already on the mountain, and able to reboot us earlier than expected. DT54 is back on the air.

Our DT54 transmitter on Monument Peak is currently off-air, affecting Over the Air viewers, and some cable and satellite customers. Our engineer is on his way to reboot the transmitter, but as it is a long drive, this outage will last at least into the early evening. However, we expect the outage to be short enough that most tuners will re-acquire the signal automatically once it’s restored.

Planned outages, DT25 (12/30) & DT54 (1/05)

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Update Thurs 1/05: work on KQED Plus’ DT54 transmitter is complete, and signal has been restored.

Update Fri 12/30: work on KQET’s DT25 transmitter is complete, and signal has been restored.

Scheduled maintenance will take place on our DT25 transmitter on Fremont Peak Friday 12/30. The transmitter will be turned off sometime between 10am and 11am, and likely be down 30-40 minutes.

The same maintenance will take place on our DT54 transmitter on Monument Peak Thursday 1/05, with the transmitter being turned off sometime between 1pm and 2pm.

The expected duration is short enough that most Over The Air receivers will automatically restore the signal once it returns, but in a few cases viewers may need to manually re-add the channel, or do a rescan. Comcast Cable subscribers will not be affected by either outage. Other paid service providers will restore their signals when the transmitter is turned back on.

This post will be updated each day once the signal returns.



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