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This is Us from Happy Hollow Zoo

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For this episode we visited the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo in San Jose.
I was lucky enough to be invited into the lemur enclosure. The gentle Black and white primates gathered around for the show open and ate cherries and strawberries from my hand. We also got a close look at a porcupine (kinda stinky) and visited the meerkats who were really curious about the camera. We got some pretty funny close ups of them as they tried to see inside.

This episode also features profiles of three extraordinary local, community leaders - Sal Kahn who is transforming education with YouTube videos; Sylvia Mc laughlin who was at the forefront of Saving The San Francisco Bay from becoming a landfill area and Nell Newman, whose Newman’s Own Organics company has given more than $20 million to charities.

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Profile: Sal Kahn

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"I did not imagine this. I did not imagine, a thing that can reach millions of students…. I imagined myself being some kind of teacher or professor. That was kind of my dream…" Sal Kahn is speaking of a dream come true. His YouTube based Kahn Academy provides education in math and science for beginners through advanced students of all ages - all free.

Kahn's mission is to provide a free world-class education to anyone anywhere. This video shows how he's taught millions of lessons and how you can be a student.