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Chef Phan Takes Us Behind the Scenes at The Slanted Door

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This week we are at International Culinary Center in Campbell.
Have we got some treats for you! First we’re going to learn to make a famous french pastry with an American twist.....and plenty of chocolate.
Will also meet three of the finest and chefs in the Bay Area -
Santa Cruz’s Reilly Meehan, the very
first American and the youngest person to be named “The Best Young Chef in the World,” Chef Charles Phan, owner of the famed Slanted Door restaurant in San Francisco, world renowned for its home style Vietnamese cooking; and finally Richard Donnelly, one of the best Chocolatiers in the nation. Ep. 507

Santa Cruz Man Named "Best Young Chef"

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Reilly Meehan Photo

Young Reilly Meehan as Iron Chef Morimoto

Reilly Meehan had a childhood fascination with food. While other kids were watching cartoons, Reilly was glued to The Iron Chef. After he managed to keep his eyes open for a 24-hour marathon of the Japanese show, his parents weren't really surprised when he masqueraded as Chef Morimoto for Halloween. It was also no surprise when Reilly chose to attend culinary school and his folks think he made the right choice. After Graduation Reilly went on to compete for “The Best, Young International Chef” in Istanbul Turkey. He was the first American and the youngest chef ever to win.