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Jockey Russell Baze Has Ridden in 50,000 Races - That's 1.5 Times Around the World

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This week we are in Albany, California to see the ponies run at Golden Gate Fields. This is the only major racetrack in Northern California and thoroughbreds first started racing here back in 1941.

This track has seen some truly great racehorses over the years including Noor, Citation and one of the sport’s most popular horses, the legendary John Henry.

We are going to take a look behind the scenes and meet some of the people that make horseracing happen at one of the best places to visit in the Bay Area.

We aren’t going to teach you how to handicap horses or place any 2-dollar bets but we are going to introduce you to a number of winners.

Along the way we are also going to profile a very unique friendship between Jim Boggeri, a local Marin firefighter, and his rescue dog partner that will just about melt your heart.

Finally tonight we profile a horseracing Hall of Famer and North America’s all-time winning jockey, the legendary Russell Baze.

Historic Rail Line Opens in Santa Cruz

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This week we are in Santa Cruz aboard Iowa Pacific for a ride on the newly re-opened 32-mile Branch Rail Line in Santa Cruz County.

This is the most recent train to rumble through the central coast but certainly not the first. Today we’re going to learn a bit about local railroad history, from Sandy Lydon.

We’ll also meet, Richard Hatfield, a different kind of engineer - one who’s battery powered motorcycle has set new world record; Jill Alexander, a Santa Cruz woman who is the only U.S. designer to be invited to U. K. Fashion Week and Laura Stachel, a local doctor saving lives around the world with her solar power plant … that fits into a suitcase.

Profile: Jack O'Neill

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In 2008, This is Us profiled 86-year-old Jack O’Neill, inventor of the wetsuit and philanthropist who lives in Santa Cruz, California.

In the 1950s, Jack O'Neill opened his first surf shop in a garage across the Great Highway in San Francisco, a sand dune away from his favorite bodysurfing break, where he sold his first wetsuits and a few vests he made from gluing together pieces of closed cell foam.

Profile:Guy Kawasaki

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In July, 2011 This Is Us profiled writer, speaker, author and Hawaiian born part-time hockey player Guy Kawasaki. A noted Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Kawasaki was in the opening vanguard of Apple employees tasked with the marketing of the Macintosh in 1984. Currently the Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, Kawasaki gained fame for his ground breaking business book, “The Art of the Start.” A prolific blogger Kawasaki’s has parlayed his experience as a former Apple evangelist and Apple Fellow to share a fresh look at the world of business.