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Hall of Fame Astronaut Talks About His Career in Space

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Some people seem to have a destiny and that’s the case with Karol “Bo” Bobko, a member of the Astronaut Hall of Fame. A resident of Half Moon Bay, Bobko grew up in New York and was a member of the very first graduating class of the Air Force Academy in 1959. After being accepted into the NASA Astronaut program it would take 12 long years before Bobko would achieve his dreams of flying in space. Bobko was the pilot on the maiden voyage of the space shuttle Challenger (STS-6), the commander for Discovery (STS-51-D) and commander for the maiden flight of Atlantis (STS-51-J). Bobko has also seen his share of heartbreak while working with NASA. He was a close friend of the crew of the ill-fated Challenger flight that occurred on January 26, 1986.

Bear 'n Bull Fights Were Once Common in San Jose

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This week This is Us explores the rich history of San Jose with former president of the California Pioneers of Santa Clara County, Jim Zetterquist.

San Jose was founded in 1777 and was once the state capitol. This city is the oldest civil settlement in the Golden State and it's chock-full of surprising stories. It's hard to imagine bear & bull fights playing our on the site of the Sainte Claire Hotel but they were a popular Sunday entertainment.

You'll also meet Terrie Williams, Ph.D an evolutionary biologist who is one with the dolphins; astronaut, Karol "Bo" Bobko who took flight aboard three different space shuttles and one of California’s most famous Rugby coaches, Jack Clark.
Watch and discover what makes San Jose one of the most surprising and fascinating cities in California. Ep. 504