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Show: The Rescuers

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We took a special tour of the San Jose Fire Museum with Captain Sean Lovens who shared the history of fire fighting in San Jose - from the days when firemen were known as "house wreckers" (because sometimes their only option was to pull a burning house down and save the rest of the town) to the human and horse drawn steamers and finally to modern fire engines. Many of San Jose's historic fire trucks are in the museum including one used in the 1906 earthquake.

This was a great back drop for our featured stories of 3 local heroes, a helicopter pilot from Cal Fire who's seen more than his share of action and a number of blazes, a pilot who saved 155 lives when he miraculously landed his jet airliner on the Hudson River, and a fire captain who's search and rescue partner will melt your heart.

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This is Us Takes Flight

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TIU Crew Takes Off with CAL Fire

Recently the TIU crew headed up to Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest to spend a day with firefighters training in California Fire's air program. The focus of their story was helicopter Pilot Tom Humman, who's previous job was flying Marine 1 for President George W. Bush.

Cameraman, Steve Kern and Production Assistant, Joey Munoz set-up three cameras inside the Super Huey Helicopter to cover all the action. Then 8 of the state's most elite firefighters jumped aboard and Humman took off into the gray, fall sky.

Producer, John Gregg, a former paratrooper, was content to watch from the ground and snap this pictures as Humman dropped water, collected from a nearby river, on targets in the forest.

Be sure to watch This is us Wednesday, January 25 at 7pm and learn about Tom Humman's fascinating career as the President's pilot.