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  1. carolcicerone says:


  2. Barbara A. Owens says:

    A tour of the reopening of Original Joe’s guided by SF native and part owner, Patricia Herman, who captures and communicates the restaurant spirit that made Original Joe’s the place where many Bay Area families made memories. She speaks knowledgeably about the restoration and remodeling efforts to recreate the ambiance and taste that puts SF on the map and on the palette. Interspersed throughout, she recounts humorous tales about the neighborhood and the restaurant business. Viewers will experience the charm and the history of the foodie business that brings Tony Bennett’s lyrics back. Mr. Bennett will have his own room dedicated to him. Classic SF entertainment and reliving an integral part of SF history.

  3. Barbara A. Owens says:

    Jimo Perini, photographer, who captures the images of a black and white of North Beach of the 50s and 60s among other subjects he has preserved in one shutter click. As an SF senior he is still going strong mentoring photographers and processing his own film in the lab. Aside from the photography, he is also a raconteur who engrosses the listener with charming stories of SF and beyond.

  4. Jenny Kunz says:


    Maddie’s Fund® is a family foundation located in Alameda, CA to help fund the creation of a no-kill nation. PeopleSoft and Workday Founder, Dave Duffield, and his wife, Cheryl, created Maddie’s Fund® in 1999 in memory of their beloved Miniature Schnauzer, Maddie. Since its inception in 1999, Maddie’s Fund® has awarded animal welfare organizations and universities $106 million to save dog and cat lives. One way that Maddie’s Fund is helping three Bay Area counties become no-kill, is by hosting the annual Maddie’s Matchmaker Adoptathon.
    For the 2012 Adoptathon, Dave and Cheryl are pledging $3 million to find homes for 3,000 shelter animals in Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco Counties on June 9 and 10. The goal is to empty all 63 participating shelters so they are able to take even more animals when their doors open on Monday, June 11.
    Adoptions will be free to qualified families at 80 locations throughout the Bay Area. In return, Maddie’s Fund will pay each shelter or rescue group from $500 to $2,000 per adoption. The money the groups receive during the Maddie’s Matchmaker Adoptathon help to cover operating costs and medical expenses throughout the year, allowing them to care for more shelter animals.
    Success story from the 2011 Adoptathon – Oakland Animal Services received $99,000 from Maddie’s Fund for the adoptions it did during the two-day Adoptathon last year. The 2011 budget they received from the city was only $80,000. Thanks to Maddie’s Fund, OAS more than doubled their 2011 operating budget!

    We’d love your consideration to be featured on KQED’s This is Us segment.

    Jenny Kunz
    Maddie’s Fund

    • Becca King Reed says:


      Thanks for writing to us about Maddie’s fund.
      It sounds like the Duffields have saved a lot of lives.
      Thanks for bringing this story to our attention.

      We will keep this on file for consideration when we plan
      our next season of shows.

  5. Justin Thomas says:

    I would like to suggest an interview with Carl Shapiro of Fairfax Ca. He a 96 year old practicing attorney in Marin County. He has been practicing law for over 70 years, most of which is all pro-bono. He has gotten more death penalty reversals than anyone “two in one day” he boasts. Plus many, many more wonderful stories. He is truly an interesting man. He story should not go untold.
    Carl is truly a piece of the fabric that makes up the Bay Area and all of Northern California.
    Thank You For your time,
    Justin Thomas

    • Becca King Reed says:

      Thanks Justin. Mr. Shapiro sounds like quite a guy and a great story.

      This is Us in not in production right now.
      but we’ll keep your story idea on file for consideration
      when we start to plan the 2014 season.

      Thanks for taking the time to make a comment, Justin.

  6. kit says:

    Love to see this program – these photographs – lived in No. Beach during that time. Kit

  7. Becca King Reed says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Barbara. Mr. Perini sounds like an interesting man.
    Have you any idea how we might contact him?

    • Linda King says:

      The Foodmill Store is turning 80 years this coming July. The current owner has been the owner for the last 44 years. He starter working there as a young boy. The store is most likely the oldest food store in Oakland, CA. The structure and the physical appearance has not changed much in the 80 years that it has been in operation. The Foodmill offers a variety of herbs and spices, and other items such as beans, rices,etc that are stored in large containers that allows customers to engage in unrestricted shopping. The store also offer raw honey, maple syrup and make their own cookies.

      • Becca King Reed says:

        Thanks for making a story suggestion!

        This is Us in not in production at the moment.
        We will keep your story idea on file for consideration
        when we start to work on our next season.

        Thanks for taking the time to make a comment on the blog.
        We love hearing from our viewers!

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