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Profile: Ven. Thupten Donyo

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Tibetan Monk, Venerable Thupten Donyo, befriended and toured with the legendary rock band The Grateful Dead in the late 1980's. He liked the United States so much, that he eventually settled in San Jose where he converted a suburban home into a temple and founded The Gyuto Vajrayana Center. The center is not only a place for worship for local Buddhist, but also a learning center of Tibetan history and language.

Profile: Charlie Sammut

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A modern day Noah for the 21st Century, Charlie Sammut is a former lawman that became a talented animal trainer and now has dedicated his life to protecting and providing for wild animals.

Profile: Robert Guerrero

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Fast hands and a burning desire to succeed are just two of the reasons Gilroy’s Robert Guerrero has become a world champion. The 25-year-old boxer is the town’s most famous resident and if you are wondering where the nickname “The Ghost” came from, well, he is just flat out tough to hit.

Welcome to the "This Is Us!" Blog

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Go behind the scenes of "This Is Us!," get sneak previews of future stories and updates on past profiles. The TIU blog will have some fun new features we hope you'll like, such as a place for you to suggest people you'd like us to profile. All the past TiU stories will be archived on the new blog so you'll easily be able to find any story you're looking for. The new stories will be a lot easier to find, too.