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Jockey Russell Baze Has Ridden in 50,000 Races - That's 1.5 Times Around the World

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This week we are in Albany, California to see the ponies run at Golden Gate Fields. This is the only major racetrack in Northern California and thoroughbreds first started racing here back in 1941.

This track has seen some truly great racehorses over the years including Noor, Citation and one of the sport’s most popular horses, the legendary John Henry.

We are going to take a look behind the scenes and meet some of the people that make horseracing happen at one of the best places to visit in the Bay Area.

We aren’t going to teach you how to handicap horses or place any 2-dollar bets but we are going to introduce you to a number of winners.

Along the way we are also going to profile a very unique friendship between Jim Boggeri, a local Marin firefighter, and his rescue dog partner that will just about melt your heart.

Finally tonight we profile a horseracing Hall of Famer and North America’s all-time winning jockey, the legendary Russell Baze.

Chef Phan Takes Us Behind the Scenes at The Slanted Door

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This week we are at International Culinary Center in Campbell.
Have we got some treats for you! First we’re going to learn to make a famous french pastry with an American twist.....and plenty of chocolate.
Will also meet three of the finest and chefs in the Bay Area -
Santa Cruz’s Reilly Meehan, the very
first American and the youngest person to be named “The Best Young Chef in the World,” Chef Charles Phan, owner of the famed Slanted Door restaurant in San Francisco, world renowned for its home style Vietnamese cooking; and finally Richard Donnelly, one of the best Chocolatiers in the nation. Ep. 507

Bear 'n Bull Fights Were Once Common in San Jose

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This week This is Us explores the rich history of San Jose with former president of the California Pioneers of Santa Clara County, Jim Zetterquist.

San Jose was founded in 1777 and was once the state capitol. This city is the oldest civil settlement in the Golden State and it's chock-full of surprising stories. It's hard to imagine bear & bull fights playing our on the site of the Sainte Claire Hotel but they were a popular Sunday entertainment.

You'll also meet Terrie Williams, Ph.D an evolutionary biologist who is one with the dolphins; astronaut, Karol "Bo" Bobko who took flight aboard three different space shuttles and one of California’s most famous Rugby coaches, Jack Clark.
Watch and discover what makes San Jose one of the most surprising and fascinating cities in California. Ep. 504

This is Us from Happy Hollow Zoo

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For this episode we visited the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo in San Jose.
I was lucky enough to be invited into the lemur enclosure. The gentle Black and white primates gathered around for the show open and ate cherries and strawberries from my hand. We also got a close look at a porcupine (kinda stinky) and visited the meerkats who were really curious about the camera. We got some pretty funny close ups of them as they tried to see inside.

This episode also features profiles of three extraordinary local, community leaders - Sal Kahn who is transforming education with YouTube videos; Sylvia Mc laughlin who was at the forefront of Saving The San Francisco Bay from becoming a landfill area and Nell Newman, whose Newman’s Own Organics company has given more than $20 million to charities.

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