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Bear 'n Bull Fights Were Once Common in San Jose

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This week This is Us explores the rich history of San Jose with former president of the California Pioneers of Santa Clara County, Jim Zetterquist.

San Jose was founded in 1777 and was once the state capitol. This city is the oldest civil settlement in the Golden State and it's chock-full of surprising stories. It's hard to imagine bear & bull fights playing our on the site of the Sainte Claire Hotel but they were a popular Sunday entertainment.

You'll also meet Terrie Williams, Ph.D an evolutionary biologist who is one with the dolphins; astronaut, Karol "Bo" Bobko who took flight aboard three different space shuttles and one of California’s most famous Rugby coaches, Jack Clark.
Watch and discover what makes San Jose one of the most surprising and fascinating cities in California. Ep. 504

Why the Angels in St Joseph's Catherdral Look Familiar...

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This week we have some World War II stories. You’ll meet Bob Keive, owner of local radio station KLIV and former speech-writer for former President Dwight Eisenhower. Then, we have a love story for you about a WWII pilot who bailed out over enemy territory and was rescued by the French Underground.

This week’s show was shot on location at St Joseph’s Cathedral in San Jose. Back in 1803 a San Jose’s first catholic church was built on at the corner of San Fernando and Market. Earthquakes and fires took their toll over and in 1876 the cornerstone was laid for the 4th church on this site. We are going to do a little exploring and learn lots more of the history behind the art and architecture in one of this California landmark, including why the angel's faces seem familiar.
Ep. 413

This is Us # 410 - Amy Chow & Sylvia Earl

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This week we are on the campus of Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, CA. I sat down in the play area with 60 puppies, Puppy Raising Specialist, Sharon Kret and others to learn how the dogs are trained, how they change lives and how this amazing service organization got started way back in 1942.

We’ll also profile noted oceanographer, explorer & author, Dr. Sylvia Earle, who was named by Time Magazine as the first Hero for the Planet. The former Chief Scientist for NOAA, has spent so much time on the ocean floor, colleagues call Earl, “Her Deepness.”

Later in the show, we'll take a look at amazing career of Olympic hero Amy Chow. A gymnast and a member of the famous Magnificent 7, the first American team to win an Olympic gold medal at the 1996 Games in Atlanta, Amy is now a practicing pediatrician.


This is Us: Surfing Safari

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For this episode we went aboard the O’Neill Sea Odyssey in the Santa Cruz Harbor. It’s a 65-foot catamaran on which kids get to take a field trip they’ll never forget - a science cruise on Monterey Bay. You’ll learn more about this educational adventure during the show.

We also met the man behind the sea odyssey program, Jack O’Neill, a surfing icon and innovator who is also credited with the invention of the wetsuit.

And we visited the Stradivarius of surf board shapers, Doug Haut. Doug has been shaping boards for 50 years. He's another Santa Cruz legend.

Finally we went to class – surf class that is – with veteran big wave surfer Richard Schmidt. A former Santa Cruz lifeguard, Schmidt made his reputation riding huge waves on Hawaii’s North Shore and now he’s teaching just about anyone how to surf.

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