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Jockey Russell Baze Has Ridden in 50,000 Races - That's 1.5 Times Around the World

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This week we are in Albany, California to see the ponies run at Golden Gate Fields. This is the only major racetrack in Northern California and thoroughbreds first started racing here back in 1941.

This track has seen some truly great racehorses over the years including Noor, Citation and one of the sport’s most popular horses, the legendary John Henry.

We are going to take a look behind the scenes and meet some of the people that make horseracing happen at one of the best places to visit in the Bay Area.

We aren’t going to teach you how to handicap horses or place any 2-dollar bets but we are going to introduce you to a number of winners.

Along the way we are also going to profile a very unique friendship between Jim Boggeri, a local Marin firefighter, and his rescue dog partner that will just about melt your heart.

Finally tonight we profile a horseracing Hall of Famer and North America’s all-time winning jockey, the legendary Russell Baze.

The Only Full Color Footage from Inside a Japanese Internment Camp

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The film posted here, Dave Tatsuno Movies and Memories, documents an important piece of American and Bay Area history. In 1942 about 110,000 Japanese Americans and Japanese who lived along the Pacific coast of the United States were placed in "war relocation camps."

Japanese-American businessman, Dave Masaharu Tatsuno and his family were relocated to the Topaz Interment Camp, in Utah, for the duration of World War II. While imprisoned, he filmed a remarkable series of home movies documenting his family's life at Topaz.

Later, Mr. Tatsuno created a film with that footage called, Topaz Memories. It is the only full-color movie of life in an internment camp shot from the perspective of an internee. Mr. Tatsuno showed the homemade film at schools and community events to educate younger generations. In 1997, he gave Topaz Memoriesto the Library of Congress as a gift to the American people.

Dave Tatsuno Movies and Memories is about the inspiring documentarian, himself. The footage Mr.Tatsuno courageously shot at Topaz is featured in the documentary by Public Television Station, KTEH (now KQED Silicon Valley) in 2006.


Profile: Astronaut Greg Chamitoff

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Astronaut Greg Chamitoff grew up in San Jose and went on to travel on both the Discovery and Endeavor shuttle missions, and also spent six months on the International Space Station.

He and his colleagues had plenty of work inside and outside the Space Station but they managed to squeeze in some fun, too. In this video you'll see two astronauts play ball - one of them is floating right side up while the other is upside down. Greg plays the guitar while rotating through the air and you'll see how the astronauts answer the door when the shuttle docks.

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This is Us: Working for Change

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In this episode TiU visited the Emma Prusch Farm Park not far from downtown San Jose. This was an actual working farm from 1870 until 1969. The Farm is now run by The City of San Jose and the Department of Parks and Recreation. Kids come here from all over the valley to learn about life on a farm.

Speaking of farms, we have the story of a local man who did grow up on farms here in the valley, playwright and film director Luis Valdez. He's the man behind the films Zoot Suit and La Bamba. He spent part of his childhood, not far from here, as a migrant farm worker.

You’ll also meet activist and attorney Carol Ruth Silver. During the early days of the Civil Rights Movement, she was one of the original Freedom Riders who boarded buses and traveled south to Mississippi in an attempt to end racial discrimination.

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