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The Only Full Color Footage from Inside a Japanese Internment Camp

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The film posted here, Dave Tatsuno Movies and Memories, documents an important piece of American and Bay Area history. In 1942 about 110,000 Japanese Americans and Japanese who lived along the Pacific coast of the United States were placed in "war relocation camps."

Japanese-American businessman, Dave Masaharu Tatsuno and his family were relocated to the Topaz Interment Camp, in Utah, for the duration of World War II. While imprisoned, he filmed a remarkable series of home movies documenting his family's life at Topaz.

Later, Mr. Tatsuno created a film with that footage called, Topaz Memories. It is the only full-color movie of life in an internment camp shot from the perspective of an internee. Mr. Tatsuno showed the homemade film at schools and community events to educate younger generations. In 1997, he gave Topaz Memoriesto the Library of Congress as a gift to the American people.

Dave Tatsuno Movies and Memories is about the inspiring documentarian, himself. The footage Mr.Tatsuno courageously shot at Topaz is featured in the documentary by Public Television Station, KTEH (now KQED Silicon Valley) in 2006.


Bay Area Artists Backstage at the San Jose Ballet

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This week we take a look behind the curtains to learn how a ballet is born.
We'll meet Local Ballerina Karen Gabey, conductor George Daugherty and chat with choreographer Jessica Lang as she rehearses her new ballet,Eightyone.
We'll even learn some fun facts about ballet shoes.

In between we'll meet some visual artists. First, Susana Arias, an international painter and sculptor who shows us how she approaches her really big canvases. Then it's off to the colorful and quirky studio of Beth Grippenstraw, whose art reflects her somewhat skewed view of the world as she battles chronic vertigo.

Cal Coach leads Rugby Team to 22 National Titles

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For the past thirty years Coach Jack Clark has been calling the shots for the University of California Rugby Team. During that time, Clark has led the Golden Bears to a staggering 22 National Championships. Players come and go but Clark remains and he has keeps winning national titles. A former offensive tackle on several outstanding Cal Football teams in the mid 1970’s, Clark fell in love with rugby in college. His passion and zeal for the game has translated into making the Golden Bears the most dominant team in college rugby over the last three decades.

Emma Prush Park and Farm

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Last week we spent a day on the farm and we never left San Jose. Near Story & King roads, beneath the HWY 101 and I280 interchange, lies a barnyard oasis complete with chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, goats, steers, bunnies and peacocks, where broccoli grows right out of the ground. Yes, city slickers, you too can visit this farm.

The "park and farm" was a gift to the city from Emma Prush who was born there in 1876. She grew on the dairy farm and eventually ran it. In 1962 Emma gave 87 acres to the city of San Jose, with the stipulation that it build a park, "a place of relaxation, recreation, and enjoyment for the people of the City of San Jose, and in such a manner as will, to extent that such can be reasonably done, give to said park a rural county character and atmosphere.”

Emma's gift has made it possible to experience, or relive, what life was like when this was the "Valley of Hearts Delight."