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Emma Prush Park and Farm

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Last week we spent a day on the farm and we never left San Jose. Near Story & King roads, beneath the HWY 101 and I280 interchange, lies a barnyard oasis complete with chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, goats, steers, bunnies and peacocks, where broccoli grows right out of the ground. Yes, city slickers, you too can visit this farm.

The "park and farm" was a gift to the city from Emma Prush who was born there in 1876. She grew on the dairy farm and eventually ran it. In 1962 Emma gave 87 acres to the city of San Jose, with the stipulation that it build a park, "a place of relaxation, recreation, and enjoyment for the people of the City of San Jose, and in such a manner as will, to extent that such can be reasonably done, give to said park a rural county character and atmosphere.”

Emma's gift has made it possible to experience, or relive, what life was like when this was the "Valley of Hearts Delight."

Profile: Sal Kahn

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"I did not imagine this. I did not imagine, a thing that can reach millions of students…. I imagined myself being some kind of teacher or professor. That was kind of my dream…" Sal Kahn is speaking of a dream come true. His YouTube based Kahn Academy provides education in math and science for beginners through advanced students of all ages - all free.

Kahn's mission is to provide a free world-class education to anyone anywhere. This video shows how he's taught millions of lessons and how you can be a student.

Show: The Rescuers

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We took a special tour of the San Jose Fire Museum with Captain Sean Lovens who shared the history of fire fighting in San Jose - from the days when firemen were known as "house wreckers" (because sometimes their only option was to pull a burning house down and save the rest of the town) to the human and horse drawn steamers and finally to modern fire engines. Many of San Jose's historic fire trucks are in the museum including one used in the 1906 earthquake.

This was a great back drop for our featured stories of 3 local heroes, a helicopter pilot from Cal Fire who's seen more than his share of action and a number of blazes, a pilot who saved 155 lives when he miraculously landed his jet airliner on the Hudson River, and a fire captain who's search and rescue partner will melt your heart.

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Profile: Tom Humann

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Thomas Humann is a former Marine Corps helicopter pilot. After flying some dangerous missions in the Middle East, Humann left the Marines and became the pilot for Marine One, the helicopter that flies the President of the United States. Today, Humann is among an elite group of aviators who fly for CAL FIRE, battling blazes, fighting fires and protecting life and property.

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