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Profile: Hans Skalagard

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Hans Skalagard is a world renowned marine painter. He has been described as a "living legend" by art critics. Hans is a descendant of Vikings and was born in the Faeroe Islands of Denmark in 1924. He began painting at the age of 8, and at the age of 14 began to carry on the family's seafaring tradition, becoming an apprentice seaman on a square rigged ship. Hans grew in experience and served on merchant ships during World War II convoys. He survived the sinking of three ships in six years of the war, enabling him to draw on these experiences and paint a series of ten "North Atlantic Convoy Scenes".

Profile: Charlie Sammut

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A modern day Noah for the 21st Century, Charlie Sammut is a former lawman that became a talented animal trainer and now has dedicated his life to protecting and providing for wild animals.

Profile: Robert Guerrero

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Fast hands and a burning desire to succeed are just two of the reasons Gilroy’s Robert Guerrero has become a world champion. The 25-year-old boxer is the town’s most famous resident and if you are wondering where the nickname “The Ghost” came from, well, he is just flat out tough to hit.

Profile: Lost Boys, Simon Deng & Peter Nyok

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When Simon Deng & Peter Nyok were children, walked hundreds of miles across Sudan, fleeing killers who intended to wipe out their generation. They dodged, lions, alligators and bullets on their journey to the U.S.

Today both young men attend college in Silicon Valley.Simon is studying to be a nurse. He also speaks to school age children about water conservation for the Santa Clara Water District

Peter raises funds and facilitates the relocation of groups of Sudanese orphans so they can attend school in Kenya.