Virtual House Call


The Doctor Will See You Now — Virtually

A demonstration of CareSimple's virtual house call.

A demonstration of CareSimple’s virtual house call.

Remember the really old days of house calls? A kindly doctor with a black bag would come to your house and treat your (often minor) complaint?

Frankly, I don’t remember those days either. But I have heard of the house call, and now Carena, a Seattle-based company, is expanding into California with a 21st century house call — a virtual house call.

It works like this: like everything these days, you first create an account. When you need care, you log on and request a visit. Within 30 minutes, Carena says, a doctor or nurse practitioner will contact you by phone or email (your choice). If it’s email, you will get a link to a secure “virtual exam room.” (The man in the photo above is Dr. Ben Green, in a virtual exam room.)

From there you are diagnosed. If you need a prescription, CareSimple says its doctors are licensed in California and can phone in a prescription to your pharmacy. The service is $25/month with a $5 per visit fee. Or you can pay for a single visit, without the membership. That’s $85.

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