Local Republican Leader Weighs In: The Discussion is About Taxes Now

Duf Sundheim was the chair of the California Republican Party from 2003-2007 and remains active in the party. He lives in Los Altos Hills, CA. KQED’s Stephanie Martin spoke to him today about his reaction to the Supreme Court decision.

MARTIN How do you feel that Chief Justice Roberts, a fellow conservative, voted to uphold the law?

SUNDHEIM Well I think he really had a lot of things he was trying to address. One was the specific issue of the mandate and the commerce clause. That’s why I think so many people thought the legislation would be overturned. And the fact he was able to make a bridge to find that it was a tax, not a mandate.  I think was very interesting.

I thought the reasoning was a little tortured but I think he was really concerned about the future of the court, the public perception of the court.

So I understand what he was trying to do. Again it’s not a situation where they’re making a decision that ties the hands of the other branches of government. It really transfers to the decision to those two branches. And it’s now up to those two branches to make a decision that’s in the best interest of the people. Continue reading