Single Payer System


Opposition to the Federal Health Law: Tea Party, Republicans and … the Green Party

Green Party Backs A Single-Payer System

The Green Party opposes the federal health law, but for different reasons than you might think. (Mark Wilson: Getty Images)

The Green Party opposes the federal health law, because it doesn't go far enough. (Mark Wilson: Getty Images)

The platform of California’s third largest political party — the Green Party — includes legalizing marijuana, ending the death penalty and offering free, community bicycles. Now, add this to the Party’s list of solemn commitments:

“We’re hoping the individual mandate will be struck down,” says Barry Hermanson, the Green Party’s candidate for California’s 12th Congressional District. “It is extraordinary that now Congress is saying individuals must purchase a product from a private company. There’s no precedent for this.”

For Hermanson, and other Greens, being compelled to buy a product from an industry they find repugnant is a bit like a school requiring kids to hand over their lunch money to the playground bullies.

“I have no trust they have my best interest and the general populace interest in mind,” he said. Continue reading