Ryan Gosling


Ryan Gosling Has A Public Health Message for You

It’s Friday and public health has never looked better.

(Credit: PublicHealthRyanGosling Tumblr)

(PublicHealthRyanGosling: Tumblr)

If you haven’t been following the “Hey Girl” Ryan Gosling meme since it originated in 2008, this might have caught you by surprise. The meme has gone viral, spawning spinoffs galore, from Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling to Feminist Ryan Gosling to, yes NPR!

(Credit: NPR Hey Girl Tumblr)

(NPRHeyGirl: Tumblr)

WHOOPS! Back to Public Health Ryan Gosling. It’s the creation of Tina Yuen, who holds a Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley and is currently an Environmental Health Fellow at  the Association of Schools of Public Health. You can read more of Ryan Gosling’s public health messages here.