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UC Davis Experiments with Fast-Tracking Medical School

(UC Davis Gateways Project/Flickr)

(UC Davis Gateways Project/Flickr)

By Pauline Bartolone, Kaiser Health News

Some doctors in California will soon be able to practice after three years of medical school instead of the traditional four. The American Medical Association is providing seed money for the effort in the form of a $1 million, five-year grant to UC Davis.

Student Ngabo Nzigira is in his sixth week of medical school and he’s already interacting with patients, as he trains under the guidance of a doctor at Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento.

In a traditional medical school, Nzigira wouldn’t be in a clinic until his third year. In this accelerated course, students can shave up to $60,000 off their education debt. Still, Nzigira initially had hesitations. Continue reading

In Midst of Physician Shortage, Inland Empire Gets New Medical School

Michelle Tom receives her white coat from UC Riverside Medical School Dean Richard Olds. (Photo: Carrie Rosema)

Michelle Tom receives her white coat from UC Riverside Medical School Dean Richard Olds. (Photo: Carrie Rosema)

By Kenny Goldberg, KPBS

Classes began this week at California’s newest medical school. UC Riverside is the first publicly-funded medical school to open in the state in more than 40 years. Fifty students make up the school’s inaugural class.

Last Friday night, the audience gave the medical students a warm reception as they filed into the school’s main gymnasium. After some introductory remarks, the crowd fell silent as the young men and women lined up at the foot of the stage.

“I would like to welcome our first student across the stage, Omar Aldas,” the speaker announced.

Riverside County had 99 doctors per 100,000 people, versus a statewide average of 174.
One by one, students came up and were ceremoniously awarded their physician’s white coat.

While some students were visibly nervous as they walked onto the stage. 23-year-old Michelle Tom sported an enormous smile. She was still beaming when the ceremony was over.

“This is just like, unreal, because my whole life, … I wanted to be a doctor,” Tom said. “And finally, finally, I get to put this white coat on.” Continue reading