Foodborne Illness


Significant Foodborne Illness Outbreaks: A Timeline

The Pew Health Group (as in “Pew Charitable Trusts”) has put together this interactive timeline of 14 widespread foodborne outbreaks that have happened since the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act was passed in 2011. It’s the first major update to the country’s food safety infrastructure more than 70 years. But the Obama Administration has yet to issue proposed rules required to begin implementing the law. This timeline represents just a fraction of all the foodborne illnesses that have occurred since the Act’s passage.

As you click through, keep your eye on “Reported Cases” and remember that most cases are never reported, as journalist Maryn McKenna experienced for herself as she described in her blog, Superbug.

Just in Time for the Super Bowl: How Bad is Double Dipping?

Apparently all of New York is Super Bowl crazed, because no less than the Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog today explores the safety of double dipping. Don’t get too carried away by the graphics depicting the exponential growth of bacteria in your party dip. The video compares the amount of bacteria you might actually pick up to “sharing a kiss with one of your fellow dippers.”