Cigarette tax


California’s Tobacco Tax: Campaign Funds For & Against Prop. 29

If Proposition 29 passes the taxes on a pack of cigarettes would rise to $1.87. (Flickr/Fried Dough)

Voters in California are deciding today whether to boost the sales tax on a pack of cigarettes by a dollar.

Many bucks have been poured into the campaign from both sides. Still these graphics from the nonprofit (drawing on data from the California Secretary of State) suggest the contributions have been a bit lopsided.

Those supporting the tax – including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Laurene Powell Jobs – have gathered up $12.3 million:

Funding for Yes on Prop 29 (

Those fighting the tax rounded up a smokin’ $46.8 million:

Funding for No on Prop 29 (

This morning Forbes distilled the issue to Billionaries V. Big Tobacco, and gave some background on the backers from both side.

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