Health Care Overhaul: Take the (Short!) Quiz

OK, this is not as much fun as “7 Ways to Lose Weight.” But since a national poll this week showed that a majority of Americans don’t understand how the health care overhaul (AKA: Obamacare) will impact them, it seemed like it was time to take a quiz. This one was put together by the Kaiser Family Foundation, and includes (short) helpful answers at the end.

It’s just 10 questions. Click on the box below to get started. Good luck!

(Kaiser Family Foundation)

A little more on the poll: the country remains divided about the Affordable Care Act: 40 percent of Americans view the law unfavorably and 37 percent are favorable. Views are split along party lines.

Nearly half of Americans says they have heard “nothing at all” about their state’s decision to create a health insurance marketplace. To clarify for the Golden State, California is moving forward aggressively on establishing a marketplace (also called an exchange).

Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Legislature support the Medicaid expansion called for under the ACA and are working out the details in a special legislative session.

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    Really great thing Health Care Overhaul: Take the Quiz.
    Obama administration says it will require health insurance companies to report all price increases, no matter how small, to the federal government so officials can monitor impact of health care law and insurers’ compliance with it; current rules require insurers to report information only on rate increases of 10 percent or more.