The Health Care Reform Interactive Cartoon

You’ve heard the partisan back and forth on health care reform for months. But if that still hasn’t helped you figure out how health care reform will affect you, maybe these cartoon characters from the non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation can.

(Courtesy: Kaiser Family Foundation)

(Courtesy: Kaiser Family Foundation)

What you see above is a jpeg, because I can’t capture the interactivity in this blog, but if you click on the graphic or right here you can pick one of these “YouToon” characters or businesses that comes closest to matching your life.  Are you Cat Clark, 33, single? Or Sue and Stu Santos, married with a baby? Or maybe you’re a small employer that can’t afford to provide health insurance to your employees?  The interactive graphic (again, click here) provides clear, concise information about what health care reform will do in each of these situations.

Oh, and if you’ve been meaning to read the 1,000 page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [PDF] and, um, just haven’t quite gotten around to it, then you can try watching this animated video. It’s about nine minutes, which may seem long, but it features lots of these YouToon characters and is pretty snappy. Plus, it’s narrated by longtime NPR reporter Cokie Roberts.