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It wasn't all talk

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A little more than a month after the announcement of the partnership, the San Jose Business Journal reports Tesla will deliver two electric car prototypes this month built using bodies of Toyota vehicles. Which bodies, exactly? No details on that … Continue reading »

Sing the Song of the Electric

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Elon Musk was on sister station KCRW in Santa Monica earlier this week, talking about Tesla’s decision to manufacture in Fremont. Downey – within broadcasting range – was crestfallen, as you might imagine, so Musk chose his words cautiously. Without … Continue reading »

Toyota & Tesla Join Forces in Fremont

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In a stunning reversal of fortune for the Bay Area’s last auto plant, Toyota announced today it will partner with Palo Alto’s Tesla Motors to produce electric vehicles at the recently shuttered NUMMI facility in Fremont. Gov. Schwarzenegger joined officials … Continue reading »

Chinese Not Really Sniffing Around Fremont...Yet

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As noted here repeatedly, Chinese manufacturers are investing in Los Angeles. And soon, possibly, Fremont, too.  At least, that’s the hope, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Bruce Kern, executive director of the East Bay Economic Development Alliance, led a … Continue reading »

NUMMI Tentative Severance Package Deal Reached

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The management of New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. and United Auto Workers have reached a tentative deal  to cover union workers at the auto plant, which is closing April  1. In a statement, UAW VP Jimmy Settles said “We are … Continue reading »

We'll take your plant

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In the waning days of NUMMI, some would-be electric car manufacturers are coming forward with proposals to take over the plant, contingent on the generous help of the federal government and/or Toyota. Aurica Motors of Santa Clara says it’s talking … Continue reading »

The Trip to Japan

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This just in from the Middle East North Africa Financial Network. Or really, Marketwatch. (Google News alerts pull up  random publications at times.) A UAW delegation to Japan has not changed Toyota’s mind about NUMMI.  But UAW VP Bob King … Continue reading »

Bits & Pieces

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Have you noticed a certain amount of schadenfreude from Detroit about the Toyota recalls? Maybe it’s just the handful of folks I’ve talked to from Back East, but you’d think the very fact celebrities like Cameron Diaz drive Priora is … Continue reading »

NUMMI Developments

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Have a listen below to Kelly Wilkinson’s radio story that covered a) the federal pension guarantee for NUMMI workers; b) Toyota’s pledge to bankroll their bonuses; and c) the Blue Ribbon Commission report.  Her spot aired this morning on The … Continue reading »

NUMMI Closure To Cost Taxpayers

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That Blue Ribbon Commission report State Treasurer Bill Lockyer promised is out today.  UC Berkeley Professor Harley Shaiken crunched the numbers and concludes: Plant closings are damaging in good times but become devastating during hard times. The Council of Economic … Continue reading »