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Don't Discount the Europeans

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Have you noticed the Daimler AG stake in Tesla? Then there’s Karma production, expected to ramp up early next year at Valmet in Uusikaupunki, Finland – with a little help from some folks in Delaware. Then there’s Peraves of Switzerland. … Continue reading »

Opening Soon at an Auto Plant Near You

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October 1st is the big day. Tesla Motors plans to open the old NUMMI plant, which is of course, now the “Tesla Factory.” The San Jose Mercury News tells us 40 people already work out of an office set up … Continue reading »

Thousands of NUMMI Alums Still Unemployed

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Over 2,000 NUMMI assembly workers still looking for work engaged in hollers, handshakes and hugs at a job fair Wednesday at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton.  KQED sent reporter Adelaide Chen to cover this event, coordinated by workforce investment … Continue reading »

Plug-in Porsche Sparks Buzz

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Will you look at that? Do I need to ask you to?  It looks like Porsche has just bumped the Tesla from its perch as the prettiest plug-in. Estimated range for the hyrid: 113 miles per gallon. I believe I … Continue reading »

China Charges Ahead

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Reading East Coast papers like the Wall Street Journal, you could be forgiven for thinking the future of electric vehicles are in doubt. There are rational concerns about Tesla’s viability – the hefty federal subsidy it’s relying on to stay … Continue reading »

It wasn't all talk

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A little more than a month after the announcement of the partnership, the San Jose Business Journal reports Tesla will deliver two electric car prototypes this month built using bodies of Toyota vehicles. Which bodies, exactly? No details on that … Continue reading »

Chargers, Chargers Everywhere

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The California Energy Commission has approved three awards that “leverage $15.4 million in state funding with $49.6 million in federal stimulus money and $49.3 million in private funds” to kick start the infrastructure to support electric cars in urban areas … Continue reading »

Sing the Song of the Electric

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Elon Musk was on sister station KCRW in Santa Monica earlier this week, talking about Tesla’s decision to manufacture in Fremont. Downey – within broadcasting range – was crestfallen, as you might imagine, so Musk chose his words cautiously. Without … Continue reading »

Toyota & Tesla Join Forces in Fremont

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In a stunning reversal of fortune for the Bay Area’s last auto plant, Toyota announced today it will partner with Palo Alto’s Tesla Motors to produce electric vehicles at the recently shuttered NUMMI facility in Fremont. Gov. Schwarzenegger joined officials … Continue reading »

Irreconcilable Differences

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Props today to LAObserved.com, which observes Justine Musk blogging about the financial details of her pending divorce from Elon Musk, the South African-born co-founder of  Paypal who is now running Tesla and Space X. When he’s not embroiled in divorce … Continue reading »