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Solyndra to Close a Factory

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Fab 1 was fancy, but Fab 2 is fancier, and according to the New York Times, the solar-panel maker with more than half a billion dollars in federal aid plans to announce today it will shutter the older plant and … Continue reading »

All's Fair in Love, War & Economic Development

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Or so it would seem after the Energy Department released 109 pages of e-mails in response to a lawsuit by Judicial Watch. The Detroit News read the  e-missives, and reports they reveal that Delaware Governor Jack Markell, lobbying with all … Continue reading »

Uh-oh, Solyndra

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Questions have surfaced about the Fremont company’s viability.  Solyndra plans to go public soon, but Reuters reports PricewaterhouseCoopers reports Solyndra’s recurring operating losses, negative cash flows, $532.3 million stockholder deficit and other factors “raise substantial doubt about its ability to … Continue reading »

Whither Fremont?

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NUMMI may be shutting down the plant, but that doesn’t mean managers are packing their bags and leaving for greener pastures right away. The company still owns the land the plant sits on, and according to Fremont Mayor Bob Wasserman, … Continue reading »