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Assume Nothing

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Ron Anderson worked at NUMMI, for 12 years, but he wasn’t an employee. He co-owned one of a host of supplier companies that fed into the plant with parts and services. Anderson did quality control.  “If they had a quality … Continue reading »

The Green Mile

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That gunboat you see to your left operates on a 50/50 mix of algae-based fuel and diesel. Rear Admiral Philip Cullom, of the navy’s sustainability division, put it this way: “We no longer want to be held hostage by one … Continue reading »

China to CA: We'll Build HS Rail & Finance It, Too!

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It’s expected high-speed rail running the length of California is going to cost somewhere north of $42 billion.  California voters have gamely signed on for $10 billion, but given the recession, it’s hard to say whether there’s stomach for more.  … Continue reading »

Range Anxiety: Building an Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

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A shout out to the New York Times for its recent assessment of one thing electric cars of all kinds need for the industry to take off: a network of charging stations for that awkward moment when a motorist needs … Continue reading »

Solar System Developments

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The SF Chronicle’s Tom Abate attending a round table in Santa Clara the other day.  The topic was one familiar to Shifting Gears, the lopsided competition between the US and Asian nations that have no inhibitions using subsidies, incentives and … Continue reading »

Plug-in Porsche Sparks Buzz

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Will you look at that? Do I need to ask you to?  It looks like Porsche has just bumped the Tesla from its perch as the prettiest plug-in. Estimated range for the hyrid: 113 miles per gallon. I believe I … Continue reading »

The Macro in the Micro

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As a reporter, I was impressed with MissionLoc@l’s close study last year of one commercial strip in San Francisco. Then, it was Mission Street. Now, the student journalists from UC Berkeley are aiming their curiosity at Valencia Street.  If you’re … Continue reading »

Chargers, Chargers Everywhere

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The California Energy Commission has approved three awards that “leverage $15.4 million in state funding with $49.6 million in federal stimulus money and $49.3 million in private funds” to kick start the infrastructure to support electric cars in urban areas … Continue reading »

Bits & Pieces

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Many small and mid-size wineries are sour on proposed legislation in Washington DC that could make it difficult, if not impossible, for them to ship product directly to consumers. Portfolio reports H.R. 5034, backed by alcohol wholesalers, would give more … Continue reading »

BPA Brouhaha in DC

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Manufacturing and politics go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or perhaps I should say like tomatoes and bisphenol-A, aka BPA. Food processing is big business in California, and one of California’s big political figures, Senator Dianne Feinstein, has proposed … Continue reading »