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Northrop Grumman Shifts Gears

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A shout out today for this analysis from Nathan Hodge of the Wall Street Journal. Anticipating lean defense budgets in the future, Northrop CEO Wes Bush has begun a sweeping corporate restructuring over the past few months. Its most radical … Continue reading »

The Green Mile

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That gunboat you see to your left operates on a 50/50 mix of algae-based fuel and diesel. Rear Admiral Philip Cullom, of the navy’s sustainability division, put it this way: “We no longer want to be held hostage by one … Continue reading »

China to CA: We'll Build HS Rail & Finance It, Too!

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It’s expected high-speed rail running the length of California is going to cost somewhere north of $42 billion.  California voters have gamely signed on for $10 billion, but given the recession, it’s hard to say whether there’s stomach for more.  … Continue reading »

Drones Revive So Cal Aerospace Industry

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The Los Angeles Times pays a visit to General Atomics Aeronautical Systems in Poway, and it’s a riveting read. In a sprawling north San Diego County complex, 3,300 workers are manufacturing Predator and Reaper drones, robotic planes that capture video … Continue reading »

560 Shipbuilders Out of Work in San Diego

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NASSCO-General Dynamics warned something like this might be coming. The last major shipbuilder on the West Coast just laid off 290 of 4,100 workers. 270 subcontractors also lost their jobs. NASSCO is one of San Diego County’s 20 largest employers. … Continue reading »

Chargers, Chargers Everywhere

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The California Energy Commission has approved three awards that “leverage $15.4 million in state funding with $49.6 million in federal stimulus money and $49.3 million in private funds” to kick start the infrastructure to support electric cars in urban areas … Continue reading »

Only West Coast Shipbuilder Cuts 1,000+ Workers

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Those of you who subscribe to the Journal of Commerce – or listen to Planet Money – will know that, despite the recent uptick in the global economy, there’s a glut of new ships on the market: a hangover from … Continue reading »

Bits and Pieces

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Some days, there are a number of new reports worth reviewing through the lens of California manufacturing.  From now on, I’ll title these posts “Bits and Pieces” (puns intended). Here’s a business opportunity waiting to be snapped up by some … Continue reading »