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The Gravitational Pull of China

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A recent report from iSuppli, an El Segundo technology research firm, predicts China will dominate nearly 72 percent of new photovoltaic manufacturing capacity this year. Chinese companies hold seven of the positions on iSuppli’sT op 10 list, representing 6,445 megawatts … Continue reading »

Big Oil in California

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It was inevitable. Oil processing is, technically, manufacturing. And it’s big business in California.  So for the California Report, the oil industry-backed attempt to apply the brakes on the state’s attempt to regulate climate changing emissions constitutes a Shifting Gears … Continue reading »

Bits and Pieces

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Some days, there are a number of new reports worth reviewing through the lens of California manufacturing.  From now on, I’ll title these posts “Bits and Pieces” (puns intended). Here’s a business opportunity waiting to be snapped up by some … Continue reading »

The Accidental Space Rocket Manufacturer

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I originally set up a Google news alert for Elon Musk because he’s the head of Tesla Motors. But of course, he’s much more: a co-founder of PayPal and SpaceX among other things. The New York Times published a fascinating … Continue reading »