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How much is too much to pay for a job?

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LA wants jobs, and it wants them bad. The unemployment rate was running 12.4% in July. So Angelenos might be inclined to squint a little bit to see the bright side of spending federal stimulus money to subsidize short-term employment, … Continue reading »

China Charges Ahead

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Reading East Coast papers like the Wall Street Journal, you could be forgiven for thinking the future of electric vehicles are in doubt. There are rational concerns about Tesla’s viability – the hefty federal subsidy it’s relying on to stay … Continue reading »

Chinese Not Really Sniffing Around Fremont...Yet

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As noted here repeatedly, Chinese manufacturers are investing in Los Angeles. And soon, possibly, Fremont, too.  At least, that’s the hope, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Bruce Kern, executive director of the East Bay Economic Development Alliance, led a … Continue reading »

Bits & Pieces

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Have you noticed a certain amount of schadenfreude from Detroit about the Toyota recalls? Maybe it’s just the handful of folks I’ve talked to from Back East, but you’d think the very fact celebrities like Cameron Diaz drive Priora is … Continue reading »