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Toyota, the Biggest Car Manufacturer in California

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At the LA Auto Show, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., debuted the second-generation RAV4 EV. The basic vehicle will be manufactured in Woodstock, Ontario.  Tesla will build the battery and related bits in Palo Alto.  “The method and installation location of … Continue reading »

EZ Throwdown!

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I’ve been reporting about the economic incentives cities use to keep employers close: cheap power, cheap parking, payroll tax breaks and the expansion of enterprise tax zones. Today, Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters takes aim and fires at the zones, again. … Continue reading »

How Berkeley Kept Bayer: A Love Story with Tax Breaks

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Shifting Gears has been heavily focused on how federal dollars are directed to California’s manufacturing sector, either to grow new jobs, maintain old ones or soften the blow of jobs lost. Local politicians vie for these dollars, but they also … Continue reading »

MedTech Involves Science!

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The “mainstream media” (as in non-science-focused) is full of stories about GreenTech. MedTech gets no respect. I’m willing to bet this is because one has to understand a fair bit of science to cover MedTech. So bear with me as … Continue reading »

Never Say Retire

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Bruce Kern is getting set to retire from running the East Bay Economic Development Alliance. (He’s a player behind the scenes whose name pops up around East Bay coups like Tesla, Solyndra and Bayer). What’s the biggest change he’s seen … Continue reading »