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Moved to Kentucky

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Robert Pagan filled a number of roles at New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc., but by the end, he was training supervisors. After Toyota announced it was pulling out of the plant in August, he could see NUMMI was going to … Continue reading »

Follow the Bubbles

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Honest, I’m not being paid for this plug.  I love Reed’s ginger brew. So I felt compelled to click on the LA Business Journal’s story on how the the beverage company got its fizz back after nearly going out of … Continue reading »

Hollywood Goes Mad for Bollywood

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The flirtation becomes official today when LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signs a joint declaration between the City of Los Angeles and the Indian film industry to “develop and strengthen motion picture production, distribution, technological, content protection and commercial cooperation between the two filmmaking communities … Continue reading »

China to CA: We'll Build HS Rail & Finance It, Too!

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It’s expected high-speed rail running the length of California is going to cost somewhere north of $42 billion.  California voters have gamely signed on for $10 billion, but given the recession, it’s hard to say whether there’s stomach for more.  … Continue reading »

EZ Throwdown!

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I’ve been reporting about the economic incentives cities use to keep employers close: cheap power, cheap parking, payroll tax breaks and the expansion of enterprise tax zones. Today, Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters takes aim and fires at the zones, again. … Continue reading »

Chinese Not Really Sniffing Around Fremont...Yet

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As noted here repeatedly, Chinese manufacturers are investing in Los Angeles. And soon, possibly, Fremont, too.  At least, that’s the hope, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Bruce Kern, executive director of the East Bay Economic Development Alliance, led a … Continue reading »

LA #1 - On a Sinking Manufacturing Ship

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Here’s a shout-out to a comprehensive profile of LA’s manufacturing situation by Howard Fine in the Los Angeles Business Journal. LA may be the nation’s leader in terms of manufacturing jobs, he notes, but the pie is shrinking. “Yes, yes,” … Continue reading »

Welcome to Shifting Gears

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Welcome to Shifting Gears, a new project from The California Report. Over the course of the next year, we’ll be airing stories on public radio stations across the state and keeping this blog as we explore how California’s manufacturing industry … Continue reading »