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Are You Willing to Pay to Keep Manufacturing Here?

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Jeff Weir is economic development director for the city of Salinas. When he first arrived in Salinas three years ago, the first thing he did was review the past. “Salinas used to have large numbers of manufacturing jobs: baggage handling … Continue reading »

California: EV Designer for the World

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Like it or not, California is competing for manufacturing jobs, with other states and overseas. In fact, local governments in foreign countries are competing with each other as well to lure American business. Priscilla Lu, board chair of Zap in … Continue reading »

Boeing Downshifts in Long Beach

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Boeing has announced it’s laying off 1,100 workers who build its giant C-17 cargo plane. Nine hundred of them work at the company’s sprawling plant in Long Beach.Under Boeing’s current layoff plan, the Long Beach plant will trim 400 jobs … Continue reading »

The Shine of Success in Southern California

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It’s easy to take California’s culture for granted.  We know we’re a fun people, but therein lies another secret to our economic strength in a fast changing world.  Take, for instance, the after market car parts business. Brian Watt of … Continue reading »

Vets & Unemployment

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California is home to more veterans than any other state in the nation: 2 million men and women. You’d think their experience and training would make them eminently desirable to employers, but the 2009 California unemployment rate for veterans 18 … Continue reading »

New Congress, New Playing Field

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A number of advocates for climate-change legislation lost their seats Tuesday. What that means for California’s green tech industry is covered in haze, or possibly smog. Tiffany Hsu of the LA Times goes on to posit that federal lawmakers will … Continue reading »

NUMMI Refugee Finds Job at Bloom Energy

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Half a year after NUMMI closed, what happened to those former auto workers in the San Francisco Bay Area? 47-hundred people lost their jobs in Fremont – thousands more working for suppliers were also cut loose… at a time when … Continue reading »

No Recession for Niche Manufacturer in San Diego

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Small business owners will tell you nothing builds the business like word of mouth.  Seriously, check out the company’s online “catalog” of customers wearing Motoport gear. They send in pictures of themselves: at home, in the driveway, on vacation in … Continue reading »

The Macro in the Micro

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As a reporter, I was impressed with MissionLoc@l’s close study last year of one commercial strip in San Francisco. Then, it was Mission Street. Now, the student journalists from UC Berkeley are aiming their curiosity at Valencia Street.  If you’re … Continue reading »

How Berkeley Kept Bayer: A Love Story with Tax Breaks

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Shifting Gears has been heavily focused on how federal dollars are directed to California’s manufacturing sector, either to grow new jobs, maintain old ones or soften the blow of jobs lost. Local politicians vie for these dollars, but they also … Continue reading »