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LAN, or "Life After NUMMI"

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Mark O’Kennon was an Assistant Manager in Quality Control for the truck and car operations, overseeing as many as 180 people at New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. when the plant closed last year. He was there for 25 years. He … Continue reading »

Manufacturing Exports Up; Employment, Not So Much

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How it is that California’s exports of manufactured goods surged 20.1 percent in July compared to last year …. but California manufacturers still aren’t hiring in big numbers? A few weeks back, the Sacramento Bee explored the questions that come … Continue reading »

Grove: The Tragic Mistake of Offshoring

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The head of Intel is having a hard time digesting the unemployment in Silicon Valley.  He writes in Bloomberg BusinessWeek that successful start-ups these days have their manufacturing done on the cheap in Asia – and that this trend doesn’t … Continue reading »

Bits & Pieces

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What did LA give Baxter? The Los Angeles Business Journal covers the not-leaving of Baxter BioScience, with 1,100 jobs. One part of the deal – the approval of an Enterprise Zone that includes Baxter. Now that sounds familiar…  Back in … Continue reading »

How Berkeley Kept Bayer: A Love Story with Tax Breaks

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Shifting Gears has been heavily focused on how federal dollars are directed to California’s manufacturing sector, either to grow new jobs, maintain old ones or soften the blow of jobs lost. Local politicians vie for these dollars, but they also … Continue reading »

MedTech Involves Science!

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The “mainstream media” (as in non-science-focused) is full of stories about GreenTech. MedTech gets no respect. I’m willing to bet this is because one has to understand a fair bit of science to cover MedTech. So bear with me as … Continue reading »