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How much is too much to pay for a job?

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LA wants jobs, and it wants them bad. The unemployment rate was running 12.4% in July. So Angelenos might be inclined to squint a little bit to see the bright side of spending federal stimulus money to subsidize short-term employment, … Continue reading »

Oil, Electrics & The Tipping Point between the Two

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Shai Agassi (founder of Palo Alto’s Better Place) recently sat down for a chat with Greg Dalton, Climate One director and vice president of The Commonwealth Club (video below).  Agassi’s spiel is pretty much the same it’s been for a … Continue reading »

Range Anxiety: Building an Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

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A shout out to the New York Times for its recent assessment of one thing electric cars of all kinds need for the industry to take off: a network of charging stations for that awkward moment when a motorist needs … Continue reading »

Solar System Developments

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The SF Chronicle’s Tom Abate attending a round table in Santa Clara the other day.  The topic was one familiar to Shifting Gears, the lopsided competition between the US and Asian nations that have no inhibitions using subsidies, incentives and … Continue reading »

CEO Out at Solyndra

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Chris Gronet, Solyndra’s founder and CEO, will be replaced by a former executive from Intel. It looked like trouble brewing when Solyndra pulled out of an IPO last month. It takes more than a generous loan from the DOE to … Continue reading »

China Charges Ahead

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Reading East Coast papers like the Wall Street Journal, you could be forgiven for thinking the future of electric vehicles are in doubt. There are rational concerns about Tesla’s viability – the hefty federal subsidy it’s relying on to stay … Continue reading »

Boom or Bubble?

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Cleantech firms attracted $2 billion in venture investments worldwide between April and June, according to the Cleantech Group and Deloitte. Similar story compared with January through March – but compared to April through June 2009? Up 43%. The story by … Continue reading »

Bits & Pieces

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What did LA give Baxter? The Los Angeles Business Journal covers the not-leaving of Baxter BioScience, with 1,100 jobs. One part of the deal – the approval of an Enterprise Zone that includes Baxter. Now that sounds familiar…  Back in … Continue reading »

Big Oil in California

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It was inevitable. Oil processing is, technically, manufacturing. And it’s big business in California.  So for the California Report, the oil industry-backed attempt to apply the brakes on the state’s attempt to regulate climate changing emissions constitutes a Shifting Gears … Continue reading »

DOE: Rainmaker in Chatsworth

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Capstone Turbine of Chatsworth, maker of microturbine energy systems, has got a piece of a development program by the DOE valued at $5 million. The goal of the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy program is to develop … Continue reading »