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(Credit: Reed's, Inc.)

Honest, I'm not being paid for this plug.  I love Reed's ginger brew. So I felt compelled to click on the LA Business Journal's story on how the the beverage company got its fizz back after nearly going out of business in 2009.

The company had barely $100,000 in cash and a share price of less than $1 when Reed's began making private-label sodas for supermarkets and restaurants. Now it's producing 18 types of private-label sodas for four clients - and pumping money back into its core business.

Founder and Chief Bottle Washer Chris Reed remains hopeful about the reason he got into soda. “We think that the trend is going to move toward more natural. The world is turning into a more intelligent, hip, cool place.”  Is that what people think of me when I sip on a ginger beer? Who knew?

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