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Eating Bitterness in Solitude

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A shout out today to a compelling piece in the New York Times by Keith Bradsher. He explores why many American companies would rather suffer in silence than complain when Chinese authorities steer green tech contracts to homegrown manufacturers, sometimes … Continue reading »

Plug In Buses

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They’re not just for golf courses anymore. Electric delivery trucks, city buses and other heavy-duty vehicles constitute a “huge potential market,” according to Reuters.  Now, it  shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, as commercial players like UPS and Fed Ex … Continue reading »

California Exports Hit October High

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$12.91 billion in goods exported to foreign markets would mark a 16.5 percent increase over October 2009. According to an analysis of today’s U.S. Commerce Department figures by Beacon Economics, we’re doing better than we’ve done in three years, in … Continue reading »

As the Solar Panel Price Turns

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The most concise explanation yet of Solyndra’s struggle to stay afloat comes this week from Susan Kraemer of She tells us, as PV Tech reports, that Solyndra has completed a 1.2 MW solar installation on a large warehouse roof … Continue reading »