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NUMMI Refugee Finds Job at Bloom Energy

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Half a year after NUMMI closed, what happened to those former auto workers in the San Francisco Bay Area? 47-hundred people lost their jobs in Fremont – thousands more working for suppliers were also cut loose… at a time when … Continue reading »

Manufacturing Exports Up; Employment, Not So Much

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How it is that California’s exports of manufactured goods surged 20.1 percent in July compared to last year …. but California manufacturers still aren’t hiring in big numbers? A few weeks back, the Sacramento Bee explored the questions that come … Continue reading »

Don't Discount the Europeans

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Have you noticed the Daimler AG stake in Tesla? Then there’s Karma production, expected to ramp up early next year at Valmet in Uusikaupunki, Finland – with a little help from some folks in Delaware. Then there’s Peraves of Switzerland. … Continue reading »