Southern California Driving Electric Surge, Too

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Warren's betting on the electric future of Chinese built vehicles. (Credit BYD)

I've mentioned before BYD's expansion into LA.  BYD plans to sell its all-electric car, the e6, in the U.S. later this year. The Wall Street Journal notes BYD benefited from Beijing's stimulus measures last year to encourage auto purchases during the global economic downturn. The Shenzhen-based company sold 450,000 cars in 2009, more than double the 170,000 cars it sold the previous year. But the market is going soft, so BYD earlier this month slashed its 2010 auto-sales target by 25% to 600,000 vehicles from 800,000.

Here, by the way, is Governor Schwarzeneeger headlining a press conference about that.  See if you can catch his slam on Texas oil companies (those that are pushing Proposition 23) about 4 minutes in.

Santa Monica-based Coda is getting closer and closer to taking deposits for its sedan. Check out the feature I produced with Christina Huh for today's California Report on all sorts of goings on in Los Angeles County.

The Coda sedan may not turn heads, but its development is attracting industry veterans from bigger companies. Start up automakers offer the chance for ambitious engineers and marketing staff to put their personal stamp on a new vehicle. "Instead of designing a door handle, they get to do the entire interior," writes Jim Motavalli of BNET.

A global production, but final assembly in Southern California. (Credit Coda)

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Comments (1)

  1. Cheryl McKinney says:

    Lots of us have been waiting, waiting, waiting for a viable electric vehicle. Can’t come a moment too soon. Kudos to LA-DPW for its support…