No Recession for Niche Manufacturer in San Diego

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Powered by word of mouth. (Credit: Motoport)

Small business owners will tell you nothing builds the business like word of mouth.  Seriously, check out the company's online "catalog" of customers wearing Motoport gear. They send in pictures of themselves: at home, in the driveway, on vacation in the Alps...

As it happens, Shifting Gears heard about Motoport through word of mouth (thanks, Curtis!). We sent reporter Brooke Binkowski out to San Marcos to explore how a company defies the law of gravity, the one that sends manufacturing chasing after cheaper operating costs.  We aired what she came back with on the California Report:

Do you run - or know of - a manufacturing company doing the manufacturing here in California, despite the odds? We want to hear about it. Because, goodness knows, we all need to hear some happy stories while this "jobless recovery" continues.

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