Plug-in Porsche Sparks Buzz

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Hello there. The 918 Spyder at the Geneva Intl Motor Show. (Credit: Getty)

Will you look at that? Do I need to ask you to?  It looks like Porsche has just bumped the Tesla from its perch as the prettiest plug-in. Estimated range for the hyrid: 113 miles per gallon.

I believe I mentioned the Chevy Volt's range before the gas kicks in is 40 miles. Granted, there's no point in talking apples versus gold-plated chocolate cakes here. But I raise the Volt because the Detroit Bureau asks "Is it a show of favoritism or simply the strict interpretation of the rules?" about the decision by the California Air Resources Board to grants only all-electrics  a coveted sticker to drive in the HOV lane on our congested freeways starting next year. That means no sticker for the Chevy Volt.  A senior GM official suggests they will tweak to meet the standard.

Electric stand-up scooters may become standard issue vehicles with law enforcement agencies in California. San Francisco's PD is the latest to test them out. One suspect quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle said the officers doing the testing look like Robo-cops. Emmmm, I'm inclined to say Mall Cops.

Price TBA, but presumably not for the feint of wallet. (Credit:Porsche)

I'm trying to think if there's a way I can pitch my editors to let me fly to Europe to try out the 918 Spyder.  Whaddaya say, guys? Yes? No?

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  1. Fred says:

    Rachael on the Autobahm. Watch out.