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Plug-in Porsche Sparks Buzz

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Will you look at that? Do I need to ask you to?  It looks like Porsche has just bumped the Tesla from its perch as the prettiest plug-in. Estimated range for the hyrid: 113 miles per gallon. I believe I … Continue reading »

CEO Out at Solyndra

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Chris Gronet, Solyndra’s founder and CEO, will be replaced by a former executive from Intel. It looked like trouble brewing when Solyndra pulled out of an IPO last month. It takes more than a generous loan from the DOE to … Continue reading »

The Macro in the Micro

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As a reporter, I was impressed with MissionLoc@l’s close study last year of one commercial strip in San Francisco. Then, it was Mission Street. Now, the student journalists from UC Berkeley are aiming their curiosity at Valencia Street.  If you’re … Continue reading »

China Charges Ahead

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Reading East Coast papers like the Wall Street Journal, you could be forgiven for thinking the future of electric vehicles are in doubt. There are rational concerns about Tesla’s viability – the hefty federal subsidy it’s relying on to stay … Continue reading »

More on the NUMMI Layoffs

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About 300 workers injured in the last days before NUMMI closed, could benefit from a proposed class-action lawsuit to be filed later today against NUMMI and Toyota. That from the Oakland Tribune. The deal ironed out between NUMMI and  leaders … Continue reading »

560 Shipbuilders Out of Work in San Diego

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NASSCO-General Dynamics warned something like this might be coming. The last major shipbuilder on the West Coast just laid off 290 of 4,100 workers. 270 subcontractors also lost their jobs. NASSCO is one of San Diego County’s 20 largest employers. … Continue reading »

It wasn't all talk

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A little more than a month after the announcement of the partnership, the San Jose Business Journal reports Tesla will deliver two electric car prototypes this month built using bodies of Toyota vehicles. Which bodies, exactly? No details on that … Continue reading »

Grove: The Tragic Mistake of Offshoring

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The head of Intel is having a hard time digesting the unemployment in Silicon Valley.  He writes in Bloomberg BusinessWeek that successful start-ups these days have their manufacturing done on the cheap in Asia – and that this trend doesn’t … Continue reading »

Boom or Bubble?

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Cleantech firms attracted $2 billion in venture investments worldwide between April and June, according to the Cleantech Group and Deloitte. Similar story compared with January through March – but compared to April through June 2009? Up 43%. The story by … Continue reading »