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What did LA give Baxter? The Los Angeles Business Journal covers the not-leaving of Baxter BioScience, with 1,100 jobs. One part of the deal - the approval of an Enterprise Zone that includes Baxter. Now that sounds familiar...  Back in May, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced the approval of an enterprise zone expansion for 1,078 acres around LAX - the first economic incentive area on the Westside of Los Angeles.

Wall Street Dubious About Electric. The way East Coast investors were dubious about Apple, organic produce and skateboard chic before they recognized the profits? It remains to be seen. But today, the Wall Street Journal wonders aloud about the heavily subsidized effort to build a network of electric charging station. So those of us who don't own a single family home with garage can at least imagine purchasing a battery-powered vehicle.

Top C02 Emitters in California. Granted, this is from January, but check out this map from California Watch listing the top 100 carbon dioxide-producing facilities in the state. The first non-energy producer on the list shows up at #13. Which may explain why oil weighs so heavily in the discussion about AB 32.

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