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BPA Brouhaha in DC

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Manufacturing and politics go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or perhaps I should say like tomatoes and bisphenol-A, aka BPA. Food processing is big business in California, and one of California’s big political figures, Senator Dianne Feinstein, has proposed … Continue reading »

Animation Runs to Vancouver

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As promised, here is my interview on tax credit-induced digital animation explosion in Vancouver (at California’s cost) with Ron Diamond of Animation World Network. What do you think? Comments, please!

Boeing C-17 Feature on NPR

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Brian Watt’s feature for Shifting Gears aired on All Things Considered Monday, albeit slightly tweaked for a national audience.  Note the comments on, where you see clearly the political liability of relying on government pork.  Hence the pressure to … Continue reading »

Chinese Not Really Sniffing Around Fremont...Yet

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As noted here repeatedly, Chinese manufacturers are investing in Los Angeles. And soon, possibly, Fremont, too.  At least, that’s the hope, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Bruce Kern, executive director of the East Bay Economic Development Alliance, led a … Continue reading »

Runaway Animation

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Runaway production continues to run north of the border.  The Globe & Mail reports that Pixar, the Emeryville animation studio owned by Disney, is opening a new studio in Vancouver. It’s become “an exciting year” for the city’s digital-animation and … Continue reading »

Bits & Pieces

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The New York Times reports Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and other venture capitalists are making a $129.4 million bet on Amonix, a company in Seal Beach. “We have reviewed hundreds of solar companies, and Amonix stands out to us … Continue reading »

Educating the Workforce of the Future

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KQED reporter Oanh Ha has been working on a provocative three-part series on education for The California Report. The first feature aired Friday, exploring ways business is stepping up to help schools teach math and science. Ask yourself this question: … Continue reading »

Still Making Planes in Long Beach

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About 5,000 people work in Long Beach on the Boeing C-17. The massive plane can carry tanks, people and disaster relief supplies across long distances – yet take off, land and maneuver on short dirt runways.  President Obama cites it … Continue reading »

Where There's Smoke...

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It’s starting to seem like every electric car maker, existing or in development, simply HAS to have a factory in Los Angeles County.  No complaints here. The Los Angeles Business Journal reports Coda Automotive Inc. is looking to open a … Continue reading »

Uh-oh, Solyndra

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Questions have surfaced about the Fremont company’s viability.  Solyndra plans to go public soon, but Reuters reports PricewaterhouseCoopers reports Solyndra’s recurring operating losses, negative cash flows, $532.3 million stockholder deficit and other factors “raise substantial doubt about its ability to … Continue reading »