NPR Picks up NUMMI Job Center Story

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Toyota Corollas move down the line at NUMMI in Fremont. (Credit: Jennifer Baires)

Toyota Corollas move down the line at NUMMI in Fremont. (Credit: Jennifer Baires)

Here's another example of national interest in the story. Coming up Friday, NPR's Frank Langfitt will explore the history of NUMMI on All Things Considered, and then go in-depth with a full hour on This American Life on Saturday.

Of course, NPR's man in San Francisco, Richard Gonzales, has been covering this story, too.  He ran a feature in August, and then a second, in September.

As long as I'm shouting out to solid coverage, here's a plug for the San Francisco Business Journal, which delivered a flurry of articles on NUMMI last week.  There's a look at the way local businesses like restaurants will be affected by the shutdown (what economists call  "tertiary" impacts). The picture won't be pretty for commercial real estate.  Finally, for subscribers, there's a look at how local developers are licking their chops at the prospect of a big piece of land coming available in April. There's a nifty map of the land that, fortunately, you don't need a subscription to see.

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Comments (3)

  1. Maria Gregg says:

    Thanks for covering NUMMI, Rachel! My sister in Chicago heard your story this morning on the radio.

  2. W Sutton says:

    I own a vehicle produced at NUMMI and I must say that it is of the utmost quality. Is there any way that I can get a download or transcript of the feature that ran on friday’s ALL THINGS CONSIDERED or possibly even the hour long feature on THIS AMERICAN LIFE?

  3. Rachael says:

    You can listen to Frank Langfitt’s ATC feature at:

    For the hour-long documentary on This American Life, head to: