Oyster Fisherman Battles National Park Service Over Harvest Rights

(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

POINT REYES STATION, CA – JUNE 07: Drakes Bay Oyster Co. workers harvest strings of oysters from racks on Schooner Bay June 7, 2007 in Point Reyes Station, California. Kevin Lunny, an oyster farmer, is trying to make the U.S. Park Service renew his lease, which is supposed to expire in 2012, to run his oyster farm, located on Drakes Bay, one of the West Coast’s cleanest areas. The Park Service argues that Lunny’s operations are destroying eelgrass beds, and his farm is too close to the area used by harbor seals for reproducing. Lunny reportedly responds that his farm is “the epitome of sustainable food production,” and oysters have improved the water quality by filtering out particulate matter as they feed and were helping the eelgrass to flourish since the early 90’s. Drakes Bay Oyster Co. produced over 300,000 oysters and about one million Manila clams last year, reportedly, 85 percent of shellfish grown in Marin County. Lunny claims that his oyster sales are limited only to Northern California, the method he uses to help reduce carbon emissions that would come from transportation to other states. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


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Oyster Fisherman Battles National Park Service Over Harvest Rights