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Another Gay Marriage Foe Evolves

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Anyone who witnessed the Prop. 8 trial in 2010 (and sadly few did since the U.S. Supreme Court banned cameras in the courtroom at the last minute) remembers the testimony of David Blankenhorn as one of the highlights. Blankenhorn, founder and … Continue reading »

Trial Videos Squabble A Warm Up to Main Event

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At today’s hearing on whether to release the Prop. 8 trial recordings, Federal Judge James Ware noted that on his way into the building this morning he saw a woman holding a sign that read “Free the Tapes.” That elicited giggles in … Continue reading »

"Milk" Director's Next Project: Prop. 8

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Dustin Lance Black, who snagged an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay by writing “Milk” starring Sean Penn,  has turned his talent to Prop. 8, using courtroom transcripts and interviews to create a Broadway-bound play called “8.” And befitting Black’s reputation, 8 has … Continue reading »

Finally -- the Final Stretch

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After three months of behind-the-scenes legal wrangling, Judge Vaughn Walker on Wednesday targeted closing arguments in the federal Prop. 8 trial for June 16th. In court Wednesday all sides seemed eager to wrap up the trial. For the past three … Continue reading »

State of the Unions

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A Friday deadline looms in the Prop. 8 trial — it’s the last day additional briefs can be submitted by either side before a date for closing arguments is set by Judge Vaughn Walker.  Still time for a little background reading … Continue reading »

Prop. 8 Trial Goes Quiet, For Now

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After both sides on the Prop. 8 legal battle rested their case Wednesday morning, District Court Judge Vaughn Walker called the case he’s presiding over “fascinating.”

Sex on Trial

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On the final day of testimony, there were more contentious exchanges between plaintiffs’ attorney David Boies and David Blankenhorn, president of the Institute for American Values. Boies was pushing Blankenhorn on his assertion that marriage is intended to facilitate sex between men and women.

Risks and Benefits

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The risks and benefits of same-sex marriage took center stage yesterday at the federal trial challenging California’s Proposition 8.

Whose Side Are You On?

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The most contentious exchanges of the trial happened this afternoon. They were between David Blankenhorn, President of the Institute for American Values in New York, and plaintiffs’ attorney David Boies.

Tam Takes Stand, Defendants Compare Questioning to Inquisition

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Dr. William Tam, executive director of the Traditional Family Coalition in San Francisco was questioned today about his role in the Prop. 8 campaign. It wasn’t pretty.