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Another Gay Marriage Foe Evolves

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Anyone who witnessed the Prop. 8 trial in 2010 (and sadly few did since the U.S. Supreme Court banned cameras in the courtroom at the last minute) remembers the testimony of David Blankenhorn as one of the highlights. Blankenhorn, founder and … Continue reading »

Same-Sex Marriages Could Bring California Millions

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If California resumed allowing same-sex marriage, it could pull in about $492 million over the next three years, a UCLA professor found. M.V.Kee Badgett, research director at the Williams Institute at UCLA, estimates that about 37,000 day couples who live … Continue reading »

Judge Walker Earns a Gold Medal From Gay Athletes

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The timing of Judge Vaughn Walker’s landmark Prop. 8 ruling has some historic irony.

Reading Tea Leaves

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The Prop. 8 trial and Wednesday’s closing arguments are grist for discussion and speculation at the Journalist Law School Fellowship at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles this week. I’m here at the invitation of Loyola along with 40 other … Continue reading »

Failure = Victory

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When backers of a ballot measure to repeal Prop. 8 said they had failed to gather enough signatures to place it on the November ballot, a sigh of relief could be heard. Not from backers of Prop. 8, but rather … Continue reading »

What's good for the goose ...

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Judge Vaughn Walker today ordered groups that opposed Prop. 8 to turn over some internal communications among No on 8 organizations. The groups, including Equality California and the ACLU, fought the order and may appeal today’s decision. Last year Prop. … Continue reading »

The Next Campaign

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While the Prop. 8 trial is silent, supporters of same sex marriage have been busy paving the way for another – and this time they hope successful – election campaign in California. State Senator Mark Leno is sponsoring SB 906 … Continue reading »

Prop 8 Defense Raises "Gay Mafia"

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During cross examination this morning, the Prop. 8 defense introduced a Time Magazine article from October 2008 about “The Gay Mafia,” which asserts that gays and lesbians are big political donors.