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Prop. 8 Standing Question a Close Call

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Months after agreeing to a request by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the California Supreme Court has set a date (September 6th) for oral arguments to consider whether state law allows proponents of ballot measures to defend them in court when … Continue reading »

Will New York Break Gay Marriage Log Jam in CA?

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Friday’s dramatic passage of a law permitting same sex marriage in New York State raises the obvious question: What does this mean for California? The answer? A squishy “too soon to tell.”   New York has a set of circumstances unique … Continue reading »

Polls vs. Reality

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You could excuse supporters of gay marriage for doing a double take at the findings of a just-released Field Poll. The survey shows 51% of registered voters supporting same sex unions and 42% opposed. 7% had no opinion. Those are the … Continue reading »

Lights, action ... but no cameras

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A coalition of media organizations (including KQED) asked Judge Walker to allow cameras and recording equipment into the courtroom for closing arguments next week — but Wednesday night the Judge said no. This was a replay of an issue resolved … Continue reading »

Media attorneys take another run at broadcasting the trial.

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After getting shut down by the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year, District Court Judge Vaughn Walker and 9th Circuit Appeals Court Chief Judge Alex Kozinski to allow a broadcast of the closing arguments in the Prop. 8 trial, tentatively … Continue reading »

Reports Place Anti-Gay Senator at Gay Bar

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A Republican State Senator with a history of opposing gay rights was arrested and charged with drunk driving early Wednesday morning, reportedly after leaving a gay bar downtown. Senator Roy Ashburn (R-Bakersfield) failed a field sobriety test and was taken … Continue reading »

State of the Unions

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A Friday deadline looms in the Prop. 8 trial — it’s the last day additional briefs can be submitted by either side before a date for closing arguments is set by Judge Vaughn Walker.  Still time for a little background reading … Continue reading »

Defense: Gays and Lesbians Are Not Powerless

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What do Jerry Falwell, “Brokeback Mountain,” former Miss California Carrie Prejean, Anita Bryant, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Rev Rick Warren and Gavin Newsom have in common? All were mentioned this morning in the Prop. 8 trial.

What's George Washington Got to Do With It?

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This morning at the Prop 8 trial, one witness reached far back in our nation’s history to make her point.