Push to Unseal the Video

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   A coalition of media, including the Los Angeles Times, CNN and KQED, is joining the legal fray over the Prop. 8 video tapes. In papers filed April 18th attorneys for the coalition indicate they want to join the motion of Prop. 8 opponents to unseal the videos so they can be seen by the public. The coalition obviously sees this as an important issue of restrictions on public access and the First Amendment.

   The American Foundation for Equal Rights, the force behind the Prop. 8 law suit, is also calling for "transparency and a full release" of the trial video.

   This is all in response to a motion by attorneys for Prop. 8 backers asking the 9th Circuit to compel Vaughn Walker (and plaintiffs) to cease further use of the tapes and return them to the court.

    C-Span continues to list Walker's February 18th talk about cameras in the courtroom in its archives.

    In his response to the court, Judge Walker (who is now retired) said he planned to use a 3-minute excerpt of the trial tape again this week -- Thursday -- at a similar talk at Gonzaga Law School in Spokane, Washington. So a decision by the 9th Circuit could come any time.

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